Message from
the President


Dear customers, valuable business partners, and colleagues;

The journey that I began in 1984 in a small jewelry retail shop in one of beautiful Anatolia's historical settlements, Corum, Egridere, is crowned with a holding company today. Thriving year after year, with the devotion of my hardworking colleagues and my dear family in this challenging path, we succeeded in becoming one of the biggest holdings in the area that operates in 6 sectors. We are rightfully proud to be the largest group of companies in our country. In one of eight households in Corum, there is one Ahlatcı Holding employee. Every person from Corum, who we directly or indirectly employ, is a valuable member of the Ahlatcı Holding family.

Of course, as Ahlatcı Holding, we are working to contribute not only to Corum's but our big and strong country's whole economy. Our operations continue at full speed with our 43 companies in the sectors of gold, finance, health, energy, automotive, and real estate.

Due to the awareness that comes with being a big holding company, we are conscious of our social responsibilities. We provide housing to 1548 students through Fevziye Ahlatcı Oğrenci Yurdu. We help those in need as much as we can. We are always aware that the wealth in this world will remain in this world.

We know that research-development activities are a part of the changing and developing world. We pursue our innovative investments without rest. I want to complete my words with a sentence that reflects the spirit of our holding. "Today" is the word of the winners and "tomorrow" is the word of the losers.