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Providing services to 253 points in five different provinces in Turkey, Ahlatcı Holding is one of the most important players in its sector, with a share of 23% in natural gas distribution across the country.

253 Area
85 MW SPP Capacity
5 Billion m3 Total Natural Gas Volume
%23 Market Share
1.7 milyon Total Customers
4963 Pipe Line
2 milyon BBS

Enerya Energy

Enerya Energy AS is Turkey’s second-largest private natural gas network owner.

Enerya owns the license for the distribution of gas in 10 cities for 30 years with 1.4 million customers. Enerya is one of the most important company in the energy sector with its innovative and customer centric approach in Turkey.

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  • CorumGaz

    Çorum Dogal Gaz Dagitim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has been carrying out natural gas distribution activities in Çorum since 2004.

    Founded in 1993 as a multi-partner company with the efforts of 150 entrepreneurs from Corum, Çorum Elektrik ve Dogal Gaz Ticaret A.S.

    started its operations in 2004. Thanks to its strong technical team transferred from Istanbul Gas Distribution Company, the company, after Corum, received natural gas tenders for Cankiri, Kastamonu,

  • Karabuk, Yozgat, and its provinces as well as Sungurlu, Gerede, Cicekdagi, Safranbolu, Tosya, Sorgun, Seydiler, Yerkoy, Saray, Koseli, Kursunlu, Korgun, Bogazliyan regions.

    With its 400 staff, CEDAS Group's subsidiary CorumGaz provides natural gas services to 1,250,000 subscribers in 5 provinces, 34 districts, and 4 towns across Turkey, with a total of 38 different points, having a market share of 6.4% by province.

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SurmeliGaz, which was established in 2005 as a subsidiary of CorumGaz, provides natural gas services to Yozgat's Yerkoy, Bogazliyan, Sorgun, Saray, Cicekdagi, Koseli, and central districts.

SurmeliGaz, which manufactures 5 RMS / A, 60 km steel pipeline, and 850 km PE line in the distribution region, has 95.000 active subscribers. SurmeliGaz, which provides natural gas to its customers with 59 personnel and 10 vehicles from 5 different customer centers, has been continuing its services for more than 13 years.

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KarGaz, which provides natural gas services to Karabuk, Kastamonu, Cankiri, Kursunlu, Gerede, Tosya, Safranbolu, Korgun, and Seydiler regions, was established within CorumGaz, in 2006.

KarGaz provides natural gas distribution services to its 195,000 active subscribers with 8 personnel and 25 vehicles from 8 different customer service centers. Additionally, KarGaz continues to work on natural gas infrastructure in the Cerkes, Ilgaz, Taskopru, Devrekani, Atkaracalar, Sacak, Cardakl, and Cavundur regions.

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  • AHL Natural Gas

    AHL Natural Gas, which has a direct natural gas purchase agreement from the world natural gas market, is a company established to sell natural gas directly to holding affiliates and other natural gas distribution companies in the sector.

  • In addition to direct natural gas purchasing activities, AHL Natural Gas conducts negotiations to incorporate natural gas companies operating in the same sector.

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AHL Energy

Working on renewable energy sources, AHL Energy has a total of 50 MW solar energy area installed in Corum, Izmir, Afyon, Konya, and Manisa.

AHL Energy, which operates not only domestically but also abroad, has a total of 35 MW solar energy area installed in Hemineski and Dnipro in Ukraine. In addition, AHL Energy, which aims to invest in solar energy in the USA, is evaluating the current opportunities.

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