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One of the World's known refineries, with its high capacity modern facilities, latest technology laboratories and equipment, RD investments, and its high regard for employment, Ahlatcı Metal is Turkey's third-biggest gold refinery.

124,5 Billion TL annual turnover
5,345 Billion USD export volume

Ahlatcı Metal

Ahlatcı Metal Refinery, founded in 2012 after a long research process conducted by Ahmet Ahlatcı, who gained significant achievements in the jewelry industry, is the only gold refinery in Anatolia.

Ahlatcı Metal Refinery, with its high capacity modern facilities, advanced laboratories, latest technology equipment, innovative RD investments, and its high regard for employment, is Anatolia's only gold refinery, recovering valuable metals by refining them %99.99 through chemical, electrochemical and pyrometallurgical processes.

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  • Ahlatcı Jewelery

    Holding's first company, Ahlatcı Jewelery, was established in 1984 in one of Anatolia's oldest settlements, Egridere, Corum, by Ahmet Ahlatcı. Ahlatcı Jewelery developed a relationship of respect and trust with its customers from the day it was founded up to the present day and is supplying for 6000 jewelry shops all around Turkey.

  • Ahlatcı Jewelery began bracelet production in 1988 and wedding ring production in 2000, obtaining 50% of the bracelet market, 30% of the wedding ring market and %20 of the spot gold market nationwide. With its 450 employees, Ahlatcı Jewelery became one of Corum's best-loved brands in a very short time, through discounts and warm customer relations. Achieving notable success in export, the company ranked second in 2018 and first in 2019 in gold export in Turkey and continues to make significant contributions to the national economy.

AHL Private Security

Founded to meet the security needs of Ahlatcı Holding's subsidiary companies, AHL Private Security company provides qualified security services with its armed and unarmed security personnel. Carefully selected by the human resources department, the security personnel continues to improve themselves professionally through regular vocational training.