Ethical Values

Acting in the light of integrity and honesty in all business processes, Ahlatcı Holding establishes a relationship based on honesty with its employees and all stakeholders. It is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of private information belonging to its employees and other second party individuals or organizations. The Holding protects confidential information regarding its activities and shares this information only with predetermined authorities. It ensures the Holding employees stay away from conflicts of interest. It serves, aware of its responsibilities for the Republic of Turkey's laws, customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, competitors, and all humanity.

  • Our Sense of Social Responsibility

    Having made investments in the light of the great responsibility of being a big holding company, Ahlatcı Holding completed the Fevziye Ahlatcı Student Dormitory in 6 months, whose construction began in 2017, and delivered it to the Student Loans and Dormitories Institution. In addition to the dormitory that provides accommodation for 1546 students, Ahlatcı Holding regularly provides scholarships to successful students.

  • The holding, directing the city's health sector with its significant investments in health, provides help to those in need through the Ahlatcı Egitim Saglık ve Yardimlasma Vakfı established in 2015. Donating 1,510,000 TL to the "Biz Bize Yeteriz Türkiyem" campaign initiated in order to reduce the economical effects of Covid-19 pandemic which affected the whole globe, Ahlatcı Holding enabled for the Religious Affairs Youth Center, located below the Mehmet Zahid Kotku Mosque, to be opened and serve the youth.

Innovation and R&D

Nanografi, which is one of the Ahlatcı Holding companies, is a nanotechnology company that focuses on R&D studies on nanotechnology.

The company, working to find the vaccine that will put an end to the Covid-19 outbreak, with which everyone around the globe is trying to combat collectively, is also working to develop industrial paint, that ensures military vehicles, missiles, and bombs produced by Roketsan are not visible on thermal cameras. The development works for the steel vest in production to support the military subsidiary industry, which weighs 800 grams and contains graphene, are among Ahlatcı Holding's research and development activities aimed at innovation.

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Our Sense of Quality

Ahlatcı Holding trades, provides services, and produces goods in full compliance with international standards in order to achieve excellence in the relevant markets using advancing and up-to-date technologies in line with its vision. The holding, which fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Standard, makes regular improvements and developments to maintain its quality.

The holding, which aims to be an exemplary institution in encouraging innovative and creative approaches and providing training that will increase technical and behavioral competencies; handles quality management in an integrated framework with environmental, occupational health and safety management systems.

Environment and ISG Information Security

Complying with national and international legislation and regulations, Ahlatcı Holding produces eco-friendly products within the environmental management system based on continuous development. Ahlatcı Holding, which operates in many environmental and ISG activities, from the efficient use of energy and natural resources to the reduction of negative environmental impacts in all its processes, works with the aim of zero work accidents and occupational disease.